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We sell export commodity products such as coconut and its derivatives, betel nut, salt, and medical equipment, and also qualified imported products such as furniture.

Coconut and Its Derivatives

Kelapa & Turunannya
Coconut products and their derivatives that we export to several countries are:

1. Briquettes
Coconut Charcoal Briquette is a compact block charcoal made from coconut shell. Our charcoal briquettes are made from granular coconut shell charcoal that is pulverized and molded using natural binders. As a fuel, it is hotter and lasts longer than ordinary charcoal. It is suitable for both domestic use and can be used in the food industry, for barbecue, and for sisha.

2. Coconut oil
Coconut oil is a vegetable oil extracted from the kernel or flesh of mature coconuts harvested from the coconut tree. And can last up to six months at 24 °C (75°F) without breaking.

3. Copra
Copra is the dried flesh of the coconut. Any mature coconut tree that can be harvested, split and sun dried. It is then scraped from the skin and dried further.

4. Desiccated Coconut
Desiccated Coconut is grated fresh, unsweetened flesh or core from ripe coconuts. Desiccated Coconut is graded according to the size of the cut.

Betel Nut

Our betel nut products are of export quality

Betel nut can be used as a raw material for several purposes, including as a basic ingredient for coloring and also dried betel nut can be processed into snacks.


Garam Ekspor
Salt products that we export are:

1. Seasalt is salt that is made by evaporating seawater. It also contains various minerals, such as potassium, iron, and zinc.

2. Table salt is the salt you usually use when cooking. This salt has gone through many processing so it has a very smooth texture and has also been enriched with the mineral iodine which is important for the body.

3. Industrial salt is salt with a NaCl content of about 97.5% with an impurity content (sulfate, magnesium, and calcium) of 2%. The utilization of industrial salt is for petroleum, textile and leather tanning industries.

Antibody and Antigen Test Kit

We are a distributor of antibody and antigen equipment that already has an AKL/AKD distribution permit.

The following are the antigen and antibody test kit that we provide:
1. Panbio Abbott Naso dan Nasal AG AKL
2. Clungene Ind AG AKD
3. Clungene AG AKL
4. Vazyme AG AKL
5. Biocredit AG AKL
6. Taishan AG AKL
7. Roche AG AKL
8. Novel Saliva AG AKL
9. Kybio AG AKL
10. GP Getein AG AKL
11. Cov-Test AG AKL
12. Clungene AB AKL
13. Taishan AB AKL
14. Vazyme AB AKL
15. Anhui AB AKL
16. Cov-Test AB AKL
17. VTM Junnuo AKL
18. VTM Chaoran AKL


Various masks products at affordable prices.

We also provide several types of mask products such as:
1. Medical 3 ply Mask
1. Non-Medical 3 ply Mask
3. N95 Mask
4. KN95 Mask
5. KF94 Mask

Other Personal Protective Equipment

Various PPE products at affordable prices and of the best quality.

As a company engaged in medical equipments, we also provide PPE to be distributed to several partners in hospitals / clinics / medical equipment stores such as:
1. Hazmat
2. Sterile Gloves
3. Non-Sterile Gloves
4. Obygn Gloves
5. Latex Powder Gloves
6. Latex Non-Powder Gloves
7. Nitrile Powder Gloves
8. Nitrile Non-Powder Gloves
9. Goggles
10. Hair Cap
11. Shoes Cover

Patient Bed

Our patient beds are affordable.

We provide a variety of hospital beds that are ready to suit your needs.


Our imported furniture products are in good quality

We provide a variety imported products of furniture are in good quality and at affordable price ready to suit your needs.

1. Office Chair

2. Office Cubicle Desk

3. Cupboard

4. Other furniture





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